The Sum is ensuring wealth management ‘adds up’.

Your Wealth Is Too Important to Waste Time and Money.

Founded by Michael Rahn, The Sum is our answer to years in the financial services industry that haven’t felt quite right. The industry can be complicated and isn’t always client friendly [In some cases, misaligned compensation structures drive advisor behavior]. Motives of companies and advisors don’t always align with those of their clients. Advisors, however, have a duty to serve those who put their trust and their family’s wealth in their hands. At The Sum, we have a perspective that our work is more than a duty, it is a privilege. We’ve taken on the challenge of providing a better place for advice; a better place for you. So if you’re tired of status-quo, give us a call (281.940.4859), send us an email and let’s get your plan started.



We look forward to getting to know you and helping you discover the unique approach The Sum is bringing to wealth planning.