A Breakdown of Fee Structures.

When we say that our approach is always Simple, Actionable and Accountable, we actually mean that. Below we have listed our fee structures so you can see a breakdown and examples of what you can expect when we work together.


Comprehensive Financial Planning:

Table 1.jpg

*Net worth is calculated as total net worth minus primary residence.

Comprehensive Financial Planning +
Investment Management:

Table 2.jpg
Table 3.jpg

*Example: If you have a net worth of $1,900,000 and would like The Sum to provide Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management, the total cost will be $9,000 per year ($7,500 for Comprehensive Financial Planning and $1,500 for Investment Management).

Standalone Investment Management:

Table 4.jpg

Our Simple, Objective and Accountable approach is different. We look forward to showing you just how different an experience with The Sum can be.