Our Process


How do we do planning?

As CFP® practitioners, we follow the CFP® planning process (see HERE) as our foundation. Given that we are consistently working to raise the bar for our clients, we are constantly researching better ways to plan and position our clients wealth and objectives. Life is dynamic and so is your financial plan. It’s necessary to have an ongoing, dynamic relationship with an advisor.

What does CFP® mean?
Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) is a professional designation attained by a person who has successfully completed the requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Board. CFP® professionals have completed extensive training and experience requirements and are held to rigorous ethical standards. They understand the complexities of the changing financial climate and know how to provide advice      in your best interest.

Our approach is always:
Simple. Objective. Accountable.

Here’s a sample of what our planning looks like…

Identify and organize your financial priorities including long-term and short-term objectives.

Review your current financial plan including: balance sheet*, cash flow statement*, retirement plan, income plan, investment plan, tax plan, estate plan, and insurance plan.

Assess opportunities in your current financial plan relative to your stated priorities.

Present a comprehensive financial plan handcrafted by a fiduciary advisor to meet YOUR unique needs.

Coordinate with all required professionals, facilitate the implementation of your appropriate strategies, and provide ongoing accountability for your financial plan.

Provide open and accessible communication to your CFP® practitioner for all your financial planning needs.

*Don’t have a balance sheet or cash flow statement? No problem. We’ll create them for you!